YFCA discussed the needs of Education sector in Hadhramout governorate with the Director of the Ministry of Education Office - Hadhramout

- الأحد, 22 يناير, 2023

AL-Mukalla:  January  22nd  2023
Towards improving easy access to safe and inclusive learning environments for IDPs and the most vulnerable groups, and protecting the most vulnerable school-aged girls and boys from risks of violence, YFCA represented by Mr. Nawaf Mohammed Baqarwan convened a coordination meeting with the Director of the Office of the Ministry of Education in Hadhramout, Mr. Amin Abdullah Baabad. The purpose of this meeting is to discuss the concept of the integrated vision of the specific needs of education sector in all its aspects.

This meeting was attended by the seniors and the heads of departments of Education Ministry’s Office, Mr. Alawi Ahmed Al-Hamid, Deputy Director of the Training and Rehabilitation department, Professor Anwar Faraj Abdul-Dayem, Head of the Public Education Department, Professor Sabri Mohamed Bajalah, Head of the Curriculum and Guidance, Eng. Omar Asaban, Head of Project Management, and Muhammad Sanad Bayashout, Director of Project Management at the Ministry's office in the governorate. 

The attendees from all divisions and departments had identified the priorities from these needs, such as strengthening the schools’ infrastructure, improving the school environment, and developing the capacity of the educational staff at the district level.