250 targeted households participated in the Cash For Work (CFW) interventions & were provided with first round of cash assistance

- الأحد, 27 نوفمبر, 2022

Food insecurity in Yemen is driven by constrained food production, supply and distribution, households’ diminishing purchasing power, high food prices and significantly reduced household income. So, which caused low food access to vulnerable people.

From that standpoint, Yemen Family Care Association (YFCA) provided the first round of cash assistance to 250 targeted households, that meet the targeting criteria of Cash For Work (CFW) activity, through Focal Service Provider (FSP) distribution points in coordination with local authorities & Community Committees (CCs) in three targeted districts (Jardan, Nisab & Bayhan districts) of Shabwah Gov.  Hence, each beneficiary household had received an amount between 117,900 & 118,900 Yemeni Rials, after working/participating in two types of interventions such as gabions and diversion retaining wall constructions within three targeted districts.

CFW activity is considered as one of the activities in the framework of the ongoing project of WASH and humanitarian food assistance for IDPs, host communities, returnees and marginalized groups in six districts of Shabwah Governorate-Yemen, which is funded by the German Humanitarian Assistance (AA) in partnership with Diakonie Katastrophenhilfe (DKH).

This activity aimed to:
• Ensure households in targeted communities are able to meet their basic food needs better through cash assistance.
• Ensure food assistance to the most vulnerable is leveraged to promote early action and response and resilience; therefore, properly integrate with livelihood activities.
• Help the most vulnerable groups in bridging the gap in their food security situation and increase their access to essential food and improve the food consumption scores of the targeted HH members.
• Guarantee that coherent, timely safe, and dignified food assistance is delivered.
• Gain skills through participating in Cash For Work (CFW) interventions, and be able to get a chance to work after activity ended.