Securing a safe and suitable learning environment for the better performance of the enrolled male & female students through rehabilitation activities in two schools in Ataq and Nisab districts of Shabwah governorates.

- الأحد, 09 أكتوبر, 2022

YFCA is conducting rehabilitation activities in two schools including maintenance classrooms and latrines. In 14 October school, 9 classrooms,2 archives offices, and 2 Management offices are in the rehabilitation phase. Furthermore, WASH rehabilitation activities were conducted in both schools through rehabilitating and constructing latrines. In addition, the two targeted Schools were provided with school furniture, including (Desks and Boards). 100 desks for Arwa School and two boards for 14 October school in addition to 40 chairs for teachers for both schools. The rehabilitation will improve access to a secure, safe and suitable environment for learning objectives.