A joint field visit to the IDPs comps of Thi Alsefal district of Ibb governorate

- الثلاثاء, 13 سبتمبر, 2022

The Joint field visit to the IDPs' Hosting Sites in Ibb Governorate took place from 4/9/2022 to 7/9/2022 by Mr. Gabreil Mathue and Mr. Waleed Al Hashedi, the CCCM National Cluster Coordinators along with Mr. Mohammed Al-Kenani  CCCM Sub-National Cluster Coordinator of Ibb hub and YFCA’s CCCM Area Based Coordinator Mr. Salah Al Waily in which focused on the IDPs' Hosting Sites in Dhi As Sufal District, Ibb Governorate.

the objective of the visit was to observe the condition of the IDPs’ Hosting Sites and the IDPs’ situation. As well as to understand to what extent YFCA contributes to the achievement of the development plans and goals within the national and Sub-National levels.
During the visit, the delegation emphasized on the role of the Resident Coordinator in ensuring the coordination and coherence of the related stakeholders, as well as the harmonization and coordination among the field team and the affected population. 

The delegation also shared the relevance of the thematic issues, challenges that have been addressed and discussed how to fill the current sectoral gaps by the existing service providers, or find , as well as shared the related goals and focused on implementing sustainable projects.