Al-Saylah Camp Maintenance

- الأحد, 19 يونيو, 2022

Due to the severe injuries and deaths caused by the loose and close to the ground wires from electrical towers, YFCA sensed the necessity of its intervention and the responsibility to reach people and protect them from such an extreme hazard. Consequently, on Thursday, June 02, 2022, YFCA had started the implementation of camps maintenance intervention starting with Al-Saylah camp - Marib city with an estimation date of June 19 2022, within the YHF fund.

To complete the maintaining works, the maintenance activity includes many materials such as:

1- Materials for maintaining camps (Turpolins size of (6*8) yard, Turpolins size of (6*4) yard, Wooden Pole, Plywood 9 mm thickness …. etc.)

2- Materials for maintaining the camp's sewage upgrading (Supply Fine aggregate, and ….etc.)


This maintenance was performed for over than 30 electrical towers.