In the small and remote village of Al Mahbisha in Hajjah governorate, life is harsh and challenging for many families. Shefa, only 36 months old, was one of those children who were facing a difficult situation. Her family’s financial struggles meant that they could not afford regular meals, and this lack of basic nutrients began to affect negatively on Shefa’s health. Day by day, she grew thinner and weaker, and her mother noticed that she was losing her appetite. Despite her best efforts, her mother was unable to provide her daughter with the necessary nutrition, and Shefa’s health started to deteriorate. Desperate to help her daughter, Shefa’s mother decided to take her to Bani Mujai’e health center. Upon arrival, the healthcare workers quickly assessed Shefa’s condition by measuring her Mid-upper arm circumference (MUAC), which confirmed that she had moderate acute malnutrition with a reading of 12.1. However, the healthcare workers provided Shefa with hope as they enrolled her in the Target Supplementary Feeding Programme (TSFP) and provided her with the necessary supplements

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