The day that Thikra Mohamed, a young mother of three from Muthikhira district in Ibb governorate, came to the hospital in pain since she is about to deliver a baby. The severity of the struggling is one that she will never forget. Thikra was filled with worry and fear because her family was struggling financially, and the thought of the costs the birth will bring was taking a toll on her health. In the last month of her pregnancy, she had been diagnosed with high blood pressure, and her poor husband knew he had to find help. Fortunately, he heard about Muthikhira Hospital, which is supported by United Nations Population Fund and Yemen Family Care Association (YFCA) as an implementing partner. The project that is implemented in Muthikhira Hospital provides pregnant women with excellent care, starting from the first months to childbirth, with lowest costs. He brought her to the hospital for follow-up, and despite her fears and worries, she was able to receive the care she needed until she had reached the ninth month and the day of the birth.

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