As the winter descended upon the shelter, the five sisters all huddled together under the one tattered blanket, shivering in their desperate and weakness. Starving and being cold threatened their lives. Yet among them, the youngest sister held onto a dream of survival despite it all! Faraj, belonging to marginalized groups, is a 47-year-old married man. His life was full of joy and laughter, with his five children. He had all he needed in life - a home, a job as a shepherd, tending and raising sheep - until the conflict broke out. In a desperate bid to keep his children safe from the ravages of the conflict, Faraj had to flee to AL-kshishat IDPs’ Hosting Site in Marib Alwadi District of Marib Gov, in search for refuge and security for his terrified little ones. The cries of his children reverberated in his ears, prompting him to make the difficult journey. Faraj, who had just been displaced, found himself in an overcrowded and uncomfortable shelter with a family of 25, 5 of whom were disabled. His family’s desperate need for mattresses and blankets made it even more difficult since five of his sisters had to share one blanket to stay warm.

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