Aisha Ahmed Mohsen is a 2-year-old girl lives in Safer camp in Marib Alwadi district, Marib governorate. In fourth of March 2023, Aisha started to develop sudden onset of high-grade fever continuous in course, suffering greatly without reaching any health facility within this area.
Due to the fact that Marib Alwadi district has no health facility and is considered as one of the areas that contains massive numbers of internally displaced people living in several humble camps. The necessity and the need for an intervention within this district was sensed; as a result, Yemen family care association in partnership with World Health Organization WHO have implemented the project of provision of essential trauma lifesaving health care services within the MSP package to people in need at Marib city and Marib Al Wadi districts of Marib governorate. Within this project the service of Emergency Medical Mobile Teams EMMs covered Marib city, and Marib Alwadi districts, serving those in need with medical services they lack.
Before knowing about EMMTs, Aisha’s family was trying desperately to relieve Aisha’s pain by using cold compresses and anti-pyretic syrup. 3 days later, the fever started to decline but papules started to appear in her chest and abdomen. In the fourth day, the fever became lower and the rash spread to include the back, neck and face.  The popular rash was associated with itching. Aisha’s father, then, contacted the emergency medical mobile team EMMT and described the situation and he told them that the rash contained a clear fluid by time (vesicles), which changed into pus before getting evacuated and produced a crust in the end. The crusts spontaneously disappeared and resulted in normal skin. Sadly, the rash passed different stages in the same time.     
The EMMT caught the essential information regarding the case and advised the father to isolate the case (Aisha) and ordered the family to isolate themselves from their neighbors until the medical team visits them in their home next day.
The next day, EMMT visited the camp and saw the patient carefully while performing the healthy curative procedures such as wearing masks and gloves. After the diagnosis, it was figured out that the case was a typical case of chickenpox and it was noted that all family members including her father and brother (25-year-old) were infected too.
The family was provided with the essential drugs to overcome the disease (paracetamol, Calamine lotion, Loratadine and Azithromycin) and EMMT explained the disease for the family and guide them with the essential information and precautions. The importance of isolation for the prevention of further spread was highlighted too.
In the next days, 8 members of the family were infected but with improvement of the former cases.
EMMT supplied all cases with needed treatments and recommendations along the illness period until the complete recovery of them was achieved.  
The final result of this efficient medical efforts was fortunately the recovery of the affected cases and the prevention of further spread of the disease in the camp.
In the meanwhile, the medical team contacted the district health office and informed them about the cases, so better response and preparation would happen.
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