the amount of worry that parents must feel towards their children is very high, especially if they live in a country like Yemen, where war has affected people in several different aspects, making them living an uncertain future. Many families today cannot afford to eat the basic meals, let alone affording a diverse and a healthy diet. All of these factors, in addition to the lack of nutritional knowledge, have inevitably contributed in increasing malnutrition level in Yemen. Ameera Hasan is a 7-month-old girl who lives with her family, consisting of her parents and one brother, in Al Zahir district, Al Jawf governorate. Even for such a small family, the living conditions in Al Zahir district are very difficult, as it is considered as one of the most remote areas in Al Jawf governorate with very few job opportunities. That is why Ameera’s father had to work as a daily wage earner to meet his family’s basic needs. As Ameera was growing up, her mother noticed that her daughter was not growing at the average rate of a normal baby.

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