As the morning wore on, Hawa’s contractions intensified and her blood pressure continued to rise. Despite her increasing discomfort, she held onto her husband’s hand, her knuckles turning white as she clutched it. She panted heavily between contractions, and her face was flushed due to the excessive effort. Since Hawa had gone into labor the night before, her husband had been increasingly concerned. Hawa had already given birth to seven children without any problems, but this time it was different. At nine o’clock, they arrived at Althawrah Hospital in Alhudaidah governorate, and her husband’s worries only grew stronger. He feared for the safety of both Hawa and their unborn child. After a medical examination, it was revealed that Hawa would not be able to give birth normally and would not be able to become pregnant again. The nurse measured her blood pressure, and then the specialists held a session to educate Hawa’s husband about family planning methods to prevent pregnancy. A television set and a blood sample were prepared for the patient, and tests were conducted to ensure the operation could proceed. When Hawa’s blood pressure and psychological state had stabilized, the cesarean began

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