YFCA provided food assistance to most food inscure households by distributing 24,112 food baskets for the 7th cycle in 2022.

- الجمعة, 30 ديسمبر, 2022

Within the GFA project, YFCA in partnership with WFP provided food assistance to most food-insecure households. Targeted people were provided with in-kind rations of flour, rice, pulses, and oil.
In December 2022, within the 7th Cycle, YFCA distributed food baskets to 24,112 households of nearly 168,784 people. The distribution took place in the following locations:
* Taiz (Alshamayateen, Saber Al-Mawadem, Maqbanah, Mashra'a Wa hadnan, Almakha)
Such assistance aims to contain and reduce the number of people at risk, preventing an increase in populations experiencing famine-like and emergency conditions.