YFCA Conducting water quality surveillance in five targeted districts of Shabwah Governorate

- الأحد, 27 نوفمبر, 2022

Since water is the essence of life, YFCA is working hard in all ways to protect this natural source from deterioration and keep Yemeni people safe from water-borne diseases that are widely spread out nowadays such as cholera which has killed many people, especially women and children. 

Therefore, in cooperation and coordination with General Authority for Rural Water and Sanitation Project (GARWASP), National Water Sanitation Authority (NWSA), and health offices in Shabwah Governorate,  Yemen Family Care Association (YFCA) conducted 30 tests at the household level through trained Water Quality Volunteers (WQVs) during Nov/2022 by using water tester devices which measure the TDS, E.C, PH, FRC, Salinity, Temperature, and taking 5 water samples from different community water resources within targeted districts and then the samples were sent to the lab to make physical, chemical, and biological analyses in order to evaluate the quality of water at those water assets and suggest the suitable processing methods. 

This activity is considered as one of the activities in the framework of the ongoing project of WASH and humanitarian food assistance for IDPs, host communities, returnees and marginalized groups in six districts of Shabwah Governorate-Yemen,  which is funded by the German Humanitarian Assistance (AA) in partnership with Diakonie Katastrophenhilfe (DKH).

This activity aimed to:
- Develop access to safe drinking water for the people in the targeted districts.
- Raise awareness of the community in the following aspects: using clean water, using proper methods of transporting and preserving water, the importance of water purification and sterilization, and avoiding negative behaviors
- Effective contribution in  reducing the spread of water-related epidemics and diseases.