In previous years, it was noted that there is a huge pressure on health centers in most of the targeted districts in Shabwah governorate, due to received cases that was infected by dengue fever, watery diarrhea, malnutrition and viral fever among different age groups. As the number of suspected cases per day reaches 25 cases at the Motherhood and Childhood Center in Nisab district, the manager of the Motherhood and Childhood Center in Nisab district stated that the reason for this wave is a large number of waste near homes that cause a lot of viral and dengue fevers. Meanwhile, the manager of the health centers Dr. Ali Nasser Al-Sharif in Ursaylan district also indicated other causes of the spread of diseases by saying: “ The majority of people lack awareness when it comes to health, unaware that the disease can spread from one person to another. This lack of concern is reflected in their lack of personal hygiene, hand-washing and the stockpiling of waste near homes - leading to an increased presence of mosquitoes and flies.”

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