“I forgot all that I have been through panic and pain once I saw my infant in good health,” Nada gratefully mentioned
 Nada is 20 years old pregnant woman, who lives in Dhi Al-Suffal district of Ibb governorate. Nada has visited many hospitals and private health centers, seeking a chance to give birth naturally; however, each time they tell her that she would not give birth naturally and that she highly needs a cesarean section. Because they found that the amount of liquid around the fetus was very low. This fact had panicked her, but she was not convinced by their words. Nada kept searching and asking, and in her ninth month of pregnancy one of her neighbors advised her to visit Dhi Al-Suffal Rural Hospital as it is well known for its specialized and professional medical staff. Nada seriously considered her neighbor’s advice and decided to go all the way to Dhi Al-Suffal Rural Hospital to seek the possibility of giving birth naturally.
Dhi Al-Suffal Rural Hospital is located in Dhi al-Suffal district of Ibb governorate. It provides various services in reproductive health, including family planning, antenatal care, post-natal care and normal delivery to more than two thousand displaced women annually. These services are available to the community by YFCA operational implementation and UNFPA’s fund. The services aim to take more effective measures to address maternal and infant mortality; as well as to reduce people's suffering, potential deaths during childbirth, and malformations of fetuses.
When Nada arrived to the hospital, the midwives and a specialized doctor calmed her psychologically, reassuring her that everything is going to be fine. Once she calmed down and her psychological status got stabilized, a blood sample was taken from her to conduct the necessary tests, besides, an ultrasound check was made for her to know the condition and position of the fetus. After hours of carefully monitoring her status, the specialist induced her case, and here was the surprise!
Nada gave birth naturally, and her fetus came out in good health. Although Nada was psychologically tired. Inspite of what she has been told in many private hospitals that she would never be able to give birth naturally and the feeling that she would be at high risk if a cesarean section was not performed to her, she forgot all that panic and pain once she saw her child. She was very surprised and happy after she had lost hope. Her family was overwhelmed with happiness, as was the entire medical staff at Dhi Al-Suffal Hospital. “ I feel safe because we have such a professional and dedicated medical team in the Dhi Al-Suffal district,”  Nada said with deep satisfaction.

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