YFCA has a governance system that is built on consensus-oriented accountability and transparency. The Governing Board (GB) consists of nine members’ four of whom are female to ensure gender balance. It is formed through transparent elections by the General Assembly (GA) which is the highest governing authority. 
The GA was reformed to include 300 members who are responsible for the overall supervision of YFCAs Governing Board and Executive Office performance. The GB supervises the work of the association Executive Office where the Executive Director reports directly to the GB. YFCAs hierarchy and organizational policy ensures clear accountability lines, responsibilities and segregation of duties.
The governing board has an important role in the approval and revision of all management and internal policies and procedures with a vision of having a robust in-house governance and sustainability system. The board receives regular management and financial reporting and budget forecasting and approves over the ceiling transactions. The board during its regular meetings provides feedback on management and financial practices and coaching in areas that need improvement such as segregation of duties and anti-fraud policies.
YFCAs by-laws defines the terms of reference of Governing Board and management team. It also defines the relationship between the two and ensures segregation of duties and independence of the two bodies.  Financial status reports are a regular topic on the board meeting agendas. Budget forecasts and burn-rate are reviewed quarterly and annually except in cases where immediate attention or approval is needed, so ad-hoc meetings are conducted.
The GB is formed of members who have deep experience in programming and financial management. One board member is assigned to financial management. A monitoring committee is elected out of the administrative board and is formed of 3 members; their role is to review financial status reports, internal audit and discuss possible troubleshooting.
Internal control is a pivotal pillar of good governance for YFCA, it means that all relevant procedures are transparent, legitimate and well-documented. The executive director is appointed by the GB with a crystal-clear term of references; the executive director reports directly to the board. 
YFCA quality control procedures have been designed based on result based management to ensure the achievement of results and dynamic rectification for any program performance faults on time if any. Annual, semiannual and activity reporting system generate regular data on the extent YFCA has achieved its strategic and annual goals. Annual financial reporting covers financial aspects while audit reports are developed by third-party auditors on a yearly basis to assess YFCA adherence to governance measures and donor conditions.