• Food security and livelihood
    Enhancing food security and promoting active community participation in agriculture and food production
  • Health & Nutrition Program
    Working to Enhancing long term of health care and nutrition services for needy communities
  • WASH Program
    Extend a helping hand to people who suffering from water shortages
  • Protection & Gender
    Working to create better protection opportunities for all affected communities
جمعية رعاية الأسرة

Who We Are

 YFCA is a leading, independent and neutral non-governmental organization that works nationwide at different levels to promote equitable and sustainable development, humanitarian response, and other relevant interventions for a better life and wellbeing of Yemeni communities and individuals. YFCA works closely with the government, local and international partners, urban and rural Yemeni communities in an endeavor to complement the efforts of other actors and stakeholders who work towards common purposes.


Our Vision

 A poverty-free, healthy and enlightened society.

Our Mission

 To contribute effectively in humanitarian response and sustainable development through a neutral and accountable team for building resilient local communities

Our Values

Our values are deeply rooted to our history, mandate, areas of interventions and our organizational culture which strive to ensure our employees and volunteers form an integral part of the organization and have a share in participating in the decision-making processes.
Neutrality and dependence: We strive to keep on track as a neutral and financially independent organization. We do not commit nor engage ourselves in controversies of a political, racial, religious or ideological nature.
Participation: We are committed to working with local communities, international and national NGOs, UN partners and other organizations sharing mutual missions. We are committed to integrating accountability to affected populations into our interventions to allow for receiving and responding to stakeholder and beneficiary feedback in targeted communities through applying our feedback and complaints framework in all our activities to ensure community participation. Furthermore, we follow our measures to ensure that partners also meet high standards of accountability .
Accountability: We ensure every member of our organization understands the concept of accountability in humanitarianism and is accountable for his/her actions while performing each duty in his/her program. We ensure our Code of Conduct is strictly adhered to by our staff and ensure all staff is trained on staff behaviors in humanitarian work. We allow our staff to participate in decision making processes and ensure they are strongly committed to the concept of accountability.
Environmental Responsibility: We are committed to minimizing the environmental impact of our interventions and activities wherever possible.
Professionalism: We are continuously employing measures to ensure high commitment to producing highly professional and wide-ranging programs and interventions according to international professional and humanitarian standards.


We follow a modern and scientific approach in our programs design and implementation. Our programs are built on the severity of needs, perceptions of the affected individuals, conflict and chronic vulnerabilities, widespread protection needs, health and nutrition contingencies, scarcity of life-saving needs (food, water, hygiene, sanitation, shelters etc.), in addition to education and equity for the whole society in general.

Who we work with?

Our partners .

YFCA remains committed to create and extend fruitful partnership models with a variety of partners who share mutual missions.