Improving life outcomes and food security

YFCA - الثلاثاء, 28 ديسمبر, 2021

Where some families may pull their children out of school before they gain important skills that would help them produce higher revenues in the future, Cash transfers can potentially play an important role to smooth consumption by stabilizing household income.
Improving the accessibility through UCT helps the most vulnerable groups in bridging the gap in their food security situation and increase their access to essential food and improve the consumption scores of family members.
Cash transfers has positive impacts in food consumption in many different ways. Families may use additional income to improve the quantity, quality and the variety of the food they consume.
It prevents or mitigate negative responses to food insecurity, such as eating unhealthy food, skipping meals, etc..
With the continuation of cash transfer, beneficiaries were able to secure their needs of food and Increased their food diversity by purchasing different type of food.