45 Years of The Foundation of The Yemen Family Care Association

YFCA - الثلاثاء, 23 نوفمبر, 2021


Nov 23, ,2021 - Sana’a, Yemen : This year marks hitting the 45 years of the foundation of the Yemen Family Care Association in Sana’a in 1976. For the past decades, YFCA has grown to a fine charity providing life-saving and development support to the underserved population across the country. YFCA was blessed to tie up with generous donors and stakeholders who have been working collectively to improve lives and empower communities.

Photo details: An event convened by the YFCA in March 1996 in Sana’a to address the follow-up to and implementation of the Beijing Declaration and Platform for Action exacted from the Fourth World Conference on Women held in Beijing from 4 to 15 September 1995 on women and in mainstreaming a gender perspective within the United Nations system. The Platform for Action imagined a world where women can exercise their choices and realize all their rights, such as to live free from violence, to go to school and participate in decisions.