Training of community based workers on the proper using of shielding kits and non-medical ( PPE ) at Alqahira, Al Mothafer, and Salah- Taiz

YFCA - الأحد, 21 نوفمبر, 2021

YFCA conducted Training on the proper use of shielding kits and non-medical ( PPE )  to 314 Community-based workers in the targeted three districts (Alqahira, Al Mothafer, and Salah) in Taiz. The objective of this training is to provide details of the component of shielding kits and how properly can be used at the Housholdes level which will be distributed to identified high-risk households. This activity is part of other activities in the community shielding project that aims to equip communities with knowledge and capacities to enable the shielding of COVID-19 Highest Risk individuals. The community shielding project had already identified 25,500 high risks households in three districts of Taiz city, who will be benefited by knowledge and capacity to enable them from preventive them from getting COVID 19 and practicing infection prevention control at their houses. The training was conducted from 3-8 November 2021.