Cash Distribution (Round 2)

YFCA - السبت, 30 أكتوبر, 2021

The aim of the project is to assist people in acute humanitarian needs with a view to mitigate the risks of famine and negative consequences of COVID 19 in Yemen. as wel as, to improve the accessibility to food for the most vulnerable IDPs in Wusab Al Aali, Jahran and Khanfar districts towards improving their food security status. In short, improving the accessibility will be through UCT that will help the most vulnerable groups in bridging the gap in their food security situation and increase their access to essential food and improve the consumption scores of family members.
- Cash distribution was arranged through FSP, divided into 2 distributions points.
- Posting the Banners, Covid posters, Complaint board, count your money
- COVID-19 Prevention was taken into consideration.
- Gender Segregation.
- Making priority for elderly & misfortunate.
- Receving complaints.