Water Trucking Reduces IDPs Suffering in general, but women in particular

YFCA - الخميس, 30 سبتمبر, 2021

Within the activities of WASH YHF#17900 project and under the framework ‎of Improving access of IDPs, host communities and most vulnerable individuals to safe drinking, domestic water and ‎sanitation services in Qatabah, Al-Dhale Gov. YFCA Intervention is located in Qa’tabah district, Al-Dhalee Governorate in which a lot of residents are very poor and large proportion of them are IDPs. People in this area don’t have enough access to either safe drinking water or domestic water and they cannot afford the price of water trucks, So the Provision of emergency temporary water trucking ‎ intervention is highly needed to provide the minimum need (15-20 L/person/day) for the IDPs and most affected people there. Moreover, water trucking was launched with the participation of the selected contractor who offers water trucks to move water from the source (wells, tanks) to the water points in the targeted IDPs sites; Western Sahda A, Western Sahda B, Naqil Al-Shim 1, and in the presence and observation of YFCA team. The objective of this activity is to provide emergency temporary ‎access to clean drinking water with a quantity of 20,000 Liter/ day for three months (90 Days) at the three targeted IDPs sites in Qa’tabah District, Al Dhalee Governorate. In addition to that it helps taking off some burdens of women and little girls who go far distances to bring water leaving school. Moreover, the water trucking activity started on June 24th,2021 and will finish on September 21st, 2021. Out of this activity, 1124 individuals of IDPs access safe water every single day. Since the beginning of this activity, 1.660.000 liters. of water has been provided to IDPs targeted camps.