2345 individuals are now more aware around hygiene and use Aqua tabs to purify water

YFCA - الخميس, 30 سبتمبر, 2021

Hygiene Promotion Awareness sessions activity is one of the activities within WASH YHF#17900 project which is a comprehensive project of Water and Sanitation for IDPs and Hosting Communities in Marib city, Marib governorate, and Qatabah, Aldhale’e governorate, funded by Yemen Humanitarian Fund (YHF) and implemented by Yemeni Family Care Association (YFCA). This activity is conducting 224 sessions of hygiene promotion, 112 at each district, in Marib city, and Qatabah through 16 Hygiene promoters, 8 at each district. The recent mentioned are well trained on some topics that help raising the awareness of the community in the importance of self-hygiene, contagious diseases, transformation of diseases by insects, water’s relationship with public health, factors which should be considered for keeping house’s water acceptable for domestic use and even more than that to be potable. Moreover, they distribute Aqua tabs to their audience and explain the way of use so that they can use them to purify their water at homes for all their family members. Those sessions have started in Marib City since April,2021 and will continue till October,2021 while they have been ongoing since May in Qatabah and will continue till November,2021. Additional to that, each hygiene promoter conducts 2 sessions for almost 40 individuals, thus, the total number of individuals who has benefited from this activity till now is 1276 in Marib and 1069 In Qatabah.