YFCA is Providing medicines & medical supplies for the 2 EMMTs

YFCA - الإثنين, 27 سبتمبر, 2021

Within the Provision of Integrated essential lifesaving Health services and Shelter assistance to IDPs and most vulnerable groups in hosting communities at Ma’arib and Al-Dhale’e Governorates project funded by YHF,and in cordination with the DHOs in Ma’arib & Al-Dhale’e Governorates and according to the raised gaps per Health Cluster, Medicines and medical supplies were provided for the 2 EMMTs (EMMT in Qa'atabah district & EMMT in Ma’arib city district) and  Providing medicines & medical supplies  for the 2 health facilities ( Al Shaheed Mohammed hail hospital in M'arib city, and Al Salam hospital in Qa’atabah district of Al-Dhale’e Governorate)