Water quality surveillance guaranteeing potable water and domestic water

YFCA - الاربعاء, 22 سبتمبر, 2021

Water quality monitoring is one of YHF#17900 project objectives under the framework ‎of durable provision, rehabilitation and maintenance of water ‎supplying systems for affected population in Qatabah in Al-Dhale Gov., ‎Marib city of Marib Gov. ‎ YFCA Intervention is located in Qa’tabah district, Al-Dhalee Governorate in which a lot of residents are very poor and large proportion of them are IDPs. This area is about 650 Km2 which consists of many areas and villages; Qa’tabah town, Al-Yobi, Al-Ashowr, Muris Assaf, Muris Al-Maganh, Muris Al-Omariah and all don’t have enough access to either safe drinking water or domestic water.
Water quality surveillance activity is to assure water ‎quality through conducting regular water testing including PH, Turbidity ‎and ‎Bacteriological analysis to community water sources and random household ‎samples by trained water quality monitors & volunteers (HPVs). Moreover, samples are taken to be regularly tested at households (HHs) level using water multi-hand testing devices (PCTS testers) which were provided to them by YFCA, and samples are taken on a monthly basis from each water community source and being tested at LWC labs in central labs. YFCA water quality monitors visited some field areas to conduct the households random sample tests & and write the tests results in the HHs water test forms and investigate whether visited families use or need to use water treatment methods. On the other hand, monthly water tests for community water sources have been conducted on three wells till now; Al-Saddrain, Al-Abraqy, and Mohammed Ali Yehia’s well. Besides, the random HHs level tests and distribution of Aquatabs have begun since August ‎ by trained water quality monitors who are required to submit 60 HHs test a month, 15 samples for each volunteer.