Clousure of training course for 335 Community based workers in (Salah , Almudhafar and Alqahera) Taiz

YFCA - الأحد, 19 سبتمبر, 2021

YFCA conducted training of 335 from community based network (community based workers) in three districts ( Salah , Almaudhafar and Alqaherah ) Taiz city . This trainning aimed to provide nominated Community based workers from gocermental health offices -Taiz and districts health offices to train them on the identification process and the selection criteria of High risk indivdulas to COVID 19. the trainees will immidiatly targted from door to door 25000 housholdes along with other community based networks such as community leaders and community shielding frinds.The concept of sheilding to Highest risk individuels of COVID 19 is providing them with Knowlge and capacities. This prohject is funded by UNICEF and ECHO under thier plane of response to COVID 19 Panadamic through local implemnting partners YFCA.