Assigning and Training Referral Focal Points and RH Providers on Referral Guidelines for Safe Motherhood

YFCA - الاربعاء, 07 يوليو, 2021

To reduce the rate of morbidity and mortality amongst pregnant women and newborns, an improved access to care through a robust referral system must be effective and in place. For this to be achieved, YFCA conducted a series of trainings on referral guidelines for safe motherhood. The trainings targeted 162 referral focal points and reproductive health providers from the selected HFs from Aden, Lahj and Al Maqatera, numbered (37, 69, 56) respectively. The trained referral focal points will, thereafter, ensure that the referral system is in place. In addition, they will be responsible for rapid and respectful transfer of pregnant women and newborn with medical complications from their facilities to an appropriate level of care and further follow up the cases.