Project's Title: Emergency WASH Cholera Response in Aldhalea Governorate.
Project's Location: [ Ad Dhale'e - Al Dhale'e ]
Targeted Group: 47000
Funded By: UNICEF

The main objective of the project is to reduce vulnerability and prevent further deterioration in the overall health and wellbeing of the most vulneriable people including the IDPs which is about 20% from the total targated populatio through the provision of life-saving WASH interventions.
The project will give priority to vulnerable individuals including women, children (boys, girls), the elderly, adolescent girls, pregnant women and persons with specific needs to ensure that they access to WASH services by collecting the disagragated data of ( Male ; females , boys anfd girls ) and mention if there will be aspesfic needs of disabled persons so we can design a type of latrines adjusted to them. The installation of WASH facilities will ensure that women and girls are consulted for their views on the locations of the facilities, design and implementation to ensure their privacy and safety. 
Finally, safe compliant mechanisms will be put in place to channel clearly every issue and prepare a consistent response in line with beneficiaries needs.

The project is targeting the  cholera Priority districts in Aldhale’e governorate. A total of 47,000 people will be reached to the Cholera WASH prevention and response.
(Men: 12,220, Women: 13,160, Boys:  10,340, Girls: 11,280 ).

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