Cash-for-work project Handover to local authorities in Khanfar / Abyan

- Sunday, 19 June, 2022

In the presence of Major General Abu Bakr Hussein, Governor of Abyan Governorate, Mr. Mazen Bal-Layl, Khanfar District Director and Mr. Abdullah Tabiq, the Irrigation Unit Manager in Abyan Governorate to take over the project of defensive gabions with a size of 970 m3 that was implemented by YFCA, through the fund of YHF. This intervention targeted to protect more than 3000 acres of farmlands and irrigation canals from driftage. It has significantly contributed to benefit more than 6000 HHs who are dependent on the agriculture sector for their livelihood. 
Besides, 630 HHs had benefited from this project from all the villages surrounding the sites, for a period of four months through cash assistance estimated at $90 per month within the cash-for-work program. Moreover, 270 HHs had benefited from the vocational training activity. The Project Manager gratefully thanks the Yemen Humanitarian Fund for believing in YFCA's vision, emphasizing that this activity was part of the Provision of FSL life-sustaining services and protection to the most vulnerable people who are in acute need at Khanfar district - Abyan Governorate through Cash and Vocational training programs. 
Major General Abu Bakr Hussein thanked the Yemen Family Care Association for intervening in this area, emphasizing on the importance of the impact of this intervention, which restores life to agricultural lands, increases farmers' job opportunities, and benefits more than 6000 families who depend on the agricultural sector in Khanfar District.
Mr. Abdullah Tabiq, Irrigation Unit Manager, also thanked Yemen Humanitarian Fund for its support and Family Care Association for its implementation and transparency in implementing the project in all its phases, asking them to continue with such interventions that support the agricultural sector and food security of Khanfar District.


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